B2B Integration


Easy EDI

Intervan provides EDI services to a wide range of industries and specializes in electronically connecting small to medium size businesses with large enterprises. Our services support all primary EDI messaging and communication standards, and we provide a wide variety of EDI services in the areas of implementation and outsourcing. There are a variety of strategies available for implementing EDI, varying from rather straight forward “compliance driven” projects to sophisticated trading community and enterprise-wide integration initiatives.

Whatever your requirements, Intervan can provide the expertise and industry experience to ensure your company’s objectives are achieved. We perform several types of EDI implementation including:

  • Compliance Driven EDI Implementation
  • Trading Community E-business Implementation
  • Custom Programming Solutions Implementation


RFID Data Processing and Analytics

Most major retailers are beginning to mandate the use of RFID tagging for key product areas. The benefits to the retailer and their customers are great. The cost to add item level data to advanced ship notices (ASNs) for the supplier can be burdensome. The file sizes can be over 100 times larger due to the need to include individual item serial numbers with the Electronic Product Codes.

Intervan is pleased to announce a very low cost, dare we say cheap, highly secure and reliable massive data transmission service. Your company can comply with the move to RFID tagging without increasing transmission expense or complexity. In fact, you will probably save significantly over what you are currently spending to send ASNs.

Supply Chain Electronic Payment Enablement

As a well-established provider of B2B electronic business solutions, Intervan has partnered with a leading payment enablement solutions provider to offer your company the most sophisticated and painless way to implement paperless accounts payable processing.

With more than 140,000 companies enrolled, this solution makes paper invoice processing and check writing obsolete while allowing you to further integrate your trading community financially – with or without the use of EDI!

Payment Enablement Benefits:

  • Huge cost savings at $4 to $6 per manual AP check processed
  • Large population of suppliers already using this payment enablement solution
  • Enrollment specialists will enroll targeted vendors at no effort/cost to you
  • The payment enablement solution fully integrates with Accounts Payable applications as well as EDI
  • World class transaction banking solutions for financial institution stakeholders
  • Industry leading spend management solutions

Small Business Solutions
Intervan has developed a unique Small Supplier EDI On-Boarding “Fast Start” service. This web portal desktop application has been specifically designed to provide major retail and “HUB” supply chain customers with a low cost EDI service to their small, traditionally non-compliant suppliers – who either can’t afford standard EDI set ups or don’t have the internal personnel resources to make this happen.

This service is installed, at no cost to the customer, providing both “new” and “small business” suppliers a website for monitoring initial customer PO updates. For a nominal monthly fee, suppliers can utilize this “Fast Start” service to send their ASNs electronically to their “customer”.

Intervan designs a range of small business desktop EDI solutions, particularly for clients working without sophisticated MRP/ERP, Oracle, or related SAP software systems. To counter the array of complex, fairly costly EDI small business applications currently available, Intervan provides business and trading community specific solutions at a cost and performance curve far superior to “Big EDI” company alternatives.

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