At Intervan, we pride ourselves on offering a range of e-business solutions, specifically designed to help your business reach goals and see profits. We provide cost effective, industry specific solutions and implement profile supporting, immediate and significant ROI to your company as its trading partners.

Our Core Competencies

Easy EDI: If you’re in need of a strategic EDI outsourcing partner, we’ve been there done that. Since 1997, Intervan has been providing comprehensive EDI solutions to its retail, banking, insurance, automotive, DoD, and manufacturing clients. Whether you’re seeking to initiate a new trading community, introduce new electronic documents to trading partners, or comply with a major customer’s EDI requirements, we will exceed your expectations.

RFID Data Processing and Analytics:
Avoid the astronomical file transfer costs and complexity of RFID ASN and POS processing, with Intervan’s RFID Daily Services. Intervan has RFID ASN processing solutions, which will ensure all your managed file transfer (MFT) needs are met at upwards of 90% cost savings compared to current transmission fees.

In addition, we are teaming up with a number of strategic partners to deliver POS Analytics Services also at new low cost managed file transfer industry standards.

Supply Chain Electronic Payment Enablement: Take advantage of the technologies of a world leader in electronic payment enablement solutions – at no implementation costs.

Smart Business Solutions: Intervan delivers several “desktop” EDI onboarding solutions for the small business entrepreneur. These solutions are available for Retailers looking to offer a low cost, low complexity EDI compliance solution to small business vendors as well as custom-designed small business-specific desktop EDI enablement for companies operating without costly ERP/MRP application software.

Contact Us

To learn more about our company and the value added services we provide, we encourage you to contact us via our web form or give us a call at (615) 777-1777.